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Get outdoors

Getting Your Kids Outdoors-Ideas for Dads

How do I get my kids outdoors? My crew of kids range in age from teenage to infant, so the activities that I enjoy with them are all over the map.  But one thing is a constant, with each generation it seems to be getting harder to motivate your kids to...

Teaching you Kids About Failure

How do you Teach Failure? I think infographics always do a great job of getting a point across in a simple and quick way.  As a parent, this will always be part of parenting and unfortunately, it is an important part of parenting.

Baby Sleep

Snuggle Me Organic-Way More than just a Review

How do you Get a Baby to Sleep? We are currently 5 months removed from our youngest child’s birth and like any new baby, his sleeping has been erratic at best.  But we made the decision within a week of his birth that we had to find some options, and fast....

Job interview

Don’t let your Children put this on their Resume

few thoughts on some very noticeable items I have seen lately that could be easily avoided and only help a young job applicant 1.  Please for the love of god, don’t put some ridiculous email address on your resume.  It immediately makes you look like you don’t have sense enough to go create...

My Anniversary: Why I’m the lucky one

Without trying to age myself, let’s just say that I’ve been married longer than a decade.  While that is not some major accomplishment, it is something I am very proud of.  If for the only reason I can honestly tell myself, “I would do it again!” We both come from...

Children Nativity

What’s the Meaning of Christmas?

Teaching the true meaning of Christmas can be hard…. As part of my ongoing evolution of raising another 6 year old, this time of year seems to be full of questions bouncing around in their minds.  Hanukkah is upon us and at our school my children have several friends who...

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